Welcome to the Contact Manager website
Thank you for visiting the Contact Manager website. You have probably reached this page after seeing a link in an email sent to you by one of our clients. Firstly, please allow us to tell you a little about the service that we offer and why you have been sent an email.
The service that we offer
We offer a Contact Management service. This service is provided to our clients on a monthly subscription basis and is designed to provide a way for them to stay in touch with their most important business contacts. We respect your privacy and your wishes and we only want to send information to you if you want to receive it.
Why have I been sent an email?
You have been sent an email because your email address is listed as the email address for one of the business contacts that we manage for one of our clients.
How does an email address become listed?
There are two possible ways that your email address has become listed. Firstly, your email address may have been entered into a form on the Internet to request further information about a business promoted by our client - known as a 'web form opt-in'. Secondly, you may have confirmed that you would like to receive information from our client by clicking a link in an email to confirm you would like to receive information from our client - 'confirmation opt-in'.
What information will I be sent by email?
You will be sent information that our client believes would be useful and informative to you based on any contact you may have had with our client in the past. This may take the form of a one-off promotional email or a series of emails sent to you over a period of time. Each email you will be sent will include simple instructions of how to 'opt-out' from future emails.
What other information will I be sent?
You may also receive information by SMS text message to your mobile telephone. We offer the facility for our clients to keep in touch with their important business contacts by SMS text message. We charge for the service to send an SMS text message and some of our clients use this method to send important information out to their contacts. Our client may choose to send information to you in other ways but this would need to be sent manually - not through our Contact Management service.
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